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Medlem Johnny Sundin

Digitalisering, Motivation, Kreativitet

Johnny Sundin has the unusual ability to impart knowledge succinctly and entertainingly, as he takes us on an instructive journey in the landscape of the mind, directing our awareness to the manifold possibilities to be found there. Johnny Sundin has a unique style of visual rhetoric and offers clear examples what he wishes to share with his audience. A dramatic and inspiring speech is guaranteed.

Organisations who wish to be one step ahead in digitalisation, marketing and business development require swift and agile responses that derive from a trained and creative mindset working together as a collective intelligence. Johnny makes it possible for people to activate this capacity and inspires them to continually dare to negotiate new and untrodden paths – whatever kind of business they happen to be involved with. The brain is an organ of thought that can be trained on a daily basis to achieve a more open and enquiring attitude. Establishing a deeper understanding on the workings of our minds allows us to leave our comfort zone and begin to think outside the box.

Throughout his career as an entrepreneur, Johnny has always worked to identify forward looking and innovative solutions in a variety of media and communication projects.

Love The Things You Don´t Know – Yet

Swedish, English